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Where is XBox One Launching — Official Countries list

Xbox One announced on June finally has a list of countries where it is launching first, followed by list of countries which are next. Below is the list of countries which just got lucky November 2013 : Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand. Early 2014:  Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, ...

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Poll: Xbox Live Gold Family Coming to an end, Will You Jump to XBox One

XBox Live Family

Right after the announcement of Xbox One Family & Game Sharing Features, Xbox Team has updated about the end of Xbox Live Gold Family feature  due on 27th August of this month, about 2 months before Xbox One availability. Xbox Live Gold Family used to cost 99$ per year which is almost half of how much you would pay for two members ...

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Xbox One Gold Features You Need to Pay for

Xbox One Gold Features vs Xbox 360

Xbox One has never been out of controversy right from when it was announced till the 24hrs check was taken off. One of the many details missing about the Xbox One features was the pricing and today we get to know what Gold Members get when they pay for and what if they don’t. Listed here is the difference between the Xbox ...

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Xbox One Unboxing — Official Now

Xbox Live’ Major Nelson went ahead and did the first official unboxing of upcoming Xbox console — Xbox One. Xbox One was announced a couple of months back which includes a lot of new features including Cloud Power, better gaming experience and integration with Set-top boxes. It also includes the newer version of Kinect which has improved gesture support. During the ...

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Here is your chance to Play Judge Dredd, Join the Xbox Enforce Team

Enforcement United Screen

If you never watched Judge Dredd, you aren’t really paying attention to the movies because you are too much hooked with your Xbox. Good thing is Xbox team knows that and they are asking you play a role which Xbox Team have been playing from a long time. If you ever heard Xbox users complaining that their profile got banned because of ...

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Up next on ‘Games with Gold’: Crackdown (Xbox 360), Next Dead Rising 2


Keeping up  with their promise, Crackdown is the game which you will be able to download for free if you are Xbox Live Gold Member. Microsoft announced this series during the announcement of Xbox One and there are 2 more months to go before Xbox One is officially announced. Last months Xbox gave out Fable III, Defense Grid: The Awakening and Assassin’s ...

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Xbox Beta Program Signup is Now Live, Signup from Your Xbox 360

Xbox Beta Testing

Xbox has just announced and invited Xbox Live members to take part in beta testing of Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 for this year. This is kind of surprising because I wasn’t expecting an update after Xbox One was announced but since Microsoft is ditching MS Points such as, this was expected by many. Improve Overall Performance. Transactions will be conducted ...

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