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Xbox Beta Program Signup is Now Live, Signup from Your Xbox 360

Xbox Beta Testing

Xbox has just announced and invited Xbox Live members to take part in beta testing of Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 for this year. This is kind of surprising because I wasn’t expecting an update after Xbox One was announced but since Microsoft is ditching MS Points such as, this was expected by many. Improve Overall Performance. Transactions will be conducted ...

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Editorial: Xbox One DRM & Family Sharing would have Worked IF

Xbox One, Game Sharing Policies and Microsoft had their part of backslash after it was announced. As a matter of fact the grip was so tightened that Microsoft had to take back their DRM policies and keep it on the stack for years to come. Xbox One – The Console World wasn’t Ready for – at least not even in near future. ...

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Things You Lost & Gained after Xbox One Policy Change

I know for many it does not matter now and for many it did not matter even when the Game Sharing and 24hr check restrictions was first announced for Xbox One. However with Microsoft finally making their policies flexible by announcing no change in Game Resale and 24hrs check gone, there are few things which we have lost and gained from ...

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Interesting Details Explaining Xbox One DRM Shows up on Pastebin

Microsoft Engg on Xbox One DRM

While Xbox One and Microsoft is still being trashed for their DRM Policy even though the new achievement system and accessories look pretty good, an interesting post has appeared on Pastebin explaining why Microsoft chose this path and explains tons of new features.  It is marked as “microsoft engineer on xb1  on Jun 12th, 2013 “ The same post also says Microsoft has failed ...

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What’s New in Xbox One Achievements & Newly Introduced Challenges

Xbox One Achievements

We all love achievements we gain during gameplay. Be it Windows Phone or an Xbox Game or even a PC Game, if there is no achievement to unlock, half of the fun goes away. Since the introduction of them, it’s a great way to show off how better you are doing compared to friends in your list. So before I begin with ...

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Xbox One Accessories announced at E3

I have waited for this to show up and finally Xbox Wired has posted details of list of accessories that was announced at E3 and will be available for Xbox One at the time of availability or in coming days. Though I expected something more than what is listed below because Xbox  One totally brings in new opportunities for hardware with its ...

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