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Microsoft Sells One Million Xbox One on Day One & So did Sony; Game on

So here comes the big news after really Xbox One filled up day everywhere on the internet–One Million Xbox One was sold on launch day. Microsoft has released this data on their official Xbox New Channel and looking at those figures it seems that even after so much of controversies et all, Gamers do love Xbox One. This data comes from ...

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YouTube Is where users are; Xbox One gets YouTube App from Day One

While Google has no intention of getting a YouTube app on Windows Phone for whatever reason it has, it does know that YouTube does have a great feature on TV and Xbox being the popular console in US and with Xbox One TV Integration….Google just cannot say no. So yes you can watch videos from your favorite YouTube Channel right ...

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Diwali Deal Alert : Fifa 14 Free with new Xbox 360 in India

While Xbox One has a long way to get down to India, if you are planning to grab a new Xbox 360, Microsoft has few offers that might interest you. Starting October 12th, if you buy a new Xbox 360 ( 4Gb version) with Kinect , you get FiFa 14 free with it along with 3 popular Kinect games i.e. Kinect Adventures ...

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Xbox Music comes to Web, iOS and Android

Xbox Music, the music service from Microsoft which offers 30 million tracks, is now available across other platforms as well. After launching the web based service earlier this year, Microsoft is now offering Xbox Music to iOS and Android users. The web version is also improved with free streaming now available with ads. You can get free streaming on the ...

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List of Games Exclusive for Xbox One

Xbox One Games

After clearing off all doubts on Game Sharing, Family Plans on Xbox One, Microsoft is playing its final card to beat down the competition — The Exclusive games and content coming to Xbox One and giving reason why you want to get an Xbox One instead of anything else. In todays GamesCon Event in Germany, Microsoft announced a list of games ...

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Where is XBox One Launching — Official Countries list

Xbox One announced on June finally has a list of countries where it is launching first, followed by list of countries which are next. Below is the list of countries which just got lucky November 2013 : Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, United States and New Zealand. Early 2014:  Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, ...

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Poll: Xbox Live Gold Family Coming to an end, Will You Jump to XBox One

XBox Live Family

Right after the announcement of Xbox One Family & Game Sharing Features, Xbox Team has updated about the end of Xbox Live Gold Family feature  due on 27th August of this month, about 2 months before Xbox One availability. Xbox Live Gold Family used to cost 99$ per year which is almost half of how much you would pay for two members ...

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