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List of Partners and Apps coming Xbox 360 ( Metro Dashboard )

Evolution of Xbox 360 as TV

Xbox 360 Metro Dashboard update is due 6th December which will start all the fun of finding more stuff with less button clicks on your controller and if you have Kinect, Your parents will be surprised controlling with Voice, specially search. Xbox 360 is definetly evolving into a Smart TV with Games, Music, TV and Search getting into a core and with ...

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What’s new in Kinect Sports Season 2 ( vs Sports 1 )

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In this post I have compared between Kinect Sports One and Kinect Sports 2 on various factors and listed down all the  changes according to categories like Game Selection, Menus, Guest Play etc. The Post includes 2 videos along with whats new in sports 2. Don’t Miss them. Summary : Overall Kinect Sports 2 is a massive improvement compared to Sports 1 because you can do ...

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Video : Kinect Sports 2 Review ( Demo Version)

As promised I am done with the Initial review of Kinect Sports 2 ( Season two ) that was released yesterday and is coming soon as the pre-orders are already up. This is an initial review and we will come with detailed review when the game is released. Update : Check Out Full Game Review ( Includes Comparison with Sports 1 ) What ...

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Download Kinect Sports Season 2 Demo / Trial

Kinect Sports Season 2

Major Neslon just announced the availability of  Kinect Sports Season 2 Demo which is 1.2 Gb in size so if you are running out of space  its time you delete some games and start downloading it. In case you are away from your console but your Xbox can connect to Internet directly at Home WiFi, You can add it download Queue after ...

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