Gamers Win: Xbox One 24hrs Internet Connection and Game Reselling Restrictions Removed

This is a huge news for all those gamers who wanted to buy Xbox One but could not because of two major reasons:

  • Xbox One needs to check for internet connection for every 24 hours else no games, not even single player.
  • A game could not be resold without paying something extra.

Both of these restrictions are removed according to the latest update on Xbox News.

An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games – Once Xbox One is all setup with your gamertag and other details, you will be able play any disc game based without requiring you to connect online again like on Xbox 360. Though most of the gamers or homes do have internet connection but for those moments when internet was down, not being able to play the game was stupidity.


  • The disc will be used to check if you own the game and hence you will have to keep it in tray.
  • Instant switching between two games wont work because now you will have to switch discs to do that. ‘

However this should be possible when it comes to digital games.

One thing to note here is that it says that you can play any disc based games. So does it mean that you cannot play digitally downloaded games?

Xbox One

Game Trading & Reselling: This limitation is gone too. You can just do like you do it today even though MS is encouraging most of the users to  download a digital copy but since most of us would like to get back part of what we spent, we would love to get disc based games.

So no more having somebody in your family list or friend list for last 30 days and so on.

Xbox One has received a lot of criticism and annoyed many users. Even though the Xbox One Preorder did not lag because of these announcements, Sony PS4 managed to take a lot of advantage of this situation. But no more.

Will the Family Sharing work the same way?

One of the best features for Xbox One that was announced is sharing between family members. This means if you have a game, all your family members can play it anywhere in the world.

I remember Major Nelson of Xbox Live had put emphasis on this a lot when asked for 24hrs Online Check. Now I am really interested to know how this will change or the impact on it.

Will You get back to Xbox One?

So after these two major changes, Will you get back to Xbox One ? I know many of you did pre-order both PS4 and Xbox One. Will you cancel PS4 for Xbox One Now? Share in comments.

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  1. I pre-ordered the Xbox One originally, the policies would not really have affected me, I am a Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 user, so have invested a lot in the Windows Eco-system already. The main reason I pre-ordered though was because I liked the look of Dead Rising 3, RYSE, Halo and Quantum Break.

    I am happy that they have reversed the policies however, as I know alot of my friends were planning on getting a PS4 because of the restrictive DRM, a majority of them have now done a u-turn and have cancelled their PS4 pre-orders in favour of the Xbox One.

    Its a good day for Microsoft.

  2. Same here Alex, I am more of early adopter and would have loved to see what changes would have taken place. Selling was easy actually with Family Feature. I could have shared a game for limited number of time with anybody for money!!

    Lets see how it goes now!!

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