Xbox One Accessories announced at E3

I have waited for this to show up and finally Xbox Wired has posted details of list of accessories that was announced at E3 and will be available for Xbox One at the time of availability or in coming days. Though I expected something more than what is listed below because Xbox  One totally brings in new opportunities for hardware with its upgraded portfolio.

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

If you want to ditch batteries and want to have eternal battery life for your controller, Play and Charge Kit is just for you. Very similar to Xbox 360 accessory, it comes with a USB cable that you can stick in your Xbox One and the Controller to keep on playing. Alternative you can charge it for 4 hours and then play it along. There is no word on long the battery last on an average.

Xbox One Battery

Xbox One Controller + Play and Charge Kit: Controller itself is considered as accessories if you plan to buy one for a family member. So you can also combine the Play and Charge Kit and buy them together.

Audio Accessories:

There is a significant change on Xbox One controller that makes all existing headsets incompatible unless third parties plan to come out with a converter. The controller has new data port which enables better audio chat specially for Stereo headsets. It even gives you a virtual nearby feeling when somebody who is close to you during the gameplay speaks up something. This way you will get sense of distance about your players.

Xbox One Chat Headset

If you play games where all your coördination takes place via voice chat, Xbox One Chat Headset is just made for you. This can get attached with your controller and give you direct access to mute, volume up and down button. The end which gets on the controller is designed such that it will fit over the battery compartment.


Though there is no extra word on specification of these, the chat headset is mono with wideband digital audio and a unidirectional microphone.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN and XO FOUR

The awesome headphones from Turtle, this is a direct upgrade from XP version which is used in Xbox 360.  This headphones have customized speaker plates along with option to connect your mobile which you can answer during the call without letting anybody else hear you. These headsets are priced at 150$ and 100$ respectively.


Like you saw how the official Xbox One Headset connected via an adapter kind of thing, these headphones will follow the same path. It seems this is how all accessories will connect with the controller from now on.

Polk 4 Shot Xbox One Gaming Headphones & Polk N1 Soundbar:

Polk 4 is another headphone which takes all advantage of Xbox One new Audio system, the N1 Soundbar is actually a speaker. Why need a speaker? N1 makes sure it can deliver the sound the way it should be by making it more surround sound and immersive. This is best suitable for gamers which don’t prefer to put on the headphones. Powered by Dolby, the SurroundBar has Bluetooth in place if you want to connect with headphones.

Polk Xbox One Gaming Headphones

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 for Xbox One

If you are looking for an alternative to the Xbox Controller and want an old style arcade controller, Mad Catz Arcade Flightstick is what you need to check out. It has all the features of Xbox One Controller and on top of this it can be customized according to your need.

Mad Catz Arcade FightStick for Xbox One

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