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Xbox One Consoles may get Wireless speaker support with WiSA

As Xbox becomes more media friendly, the need for support for keyboard, Bluetooth, wireless speaker, better Cortana integration is becoming a necessity. Pretty sure Microsoft already knows it, and the Xbox Division has joined the  Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA) which in future, hopefully, enable support for wireless speakers. It is also the first video gaming brand that has joined in.

What is WiSA?

The Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA ) Association, an industry group dedicated to bringing a high resolution, wireless, multi-channel audio products to the home theater market.

This association will open up direct access to current member brands with the goal of delivering simple yet powerful audio solutions. It will result in an immersive audio experience that sets-up in minutes through the integration of WiSA technology. This is going to be useful for both gaming, and media consumptions.

Tony Ostrom, President of WiSA shared:

We are excited to welcome Xbox and have them work alongside our speaker brand members to increase the in-market system offerings that can be created through the interoperability of WiSA technology. Xbox delivers a fantastic gaming experience with premier audio alongside a significant amount of content into the homes of consumers, including TV shows, movies, and music.

Together, we can create simple high-performance audio solutions through the integration of high definition wireless audio for all Xbox fans.

The biggest advantage having a WiSa enabled device is it removes complicated set-up and wiring of traditional audio systems by utilizing cutting-edge wireless technology to create powerful and reliable audio systems that boast uninterrupted listening. WiSA also ensures multi-channel transmission of low-latency, high-definition audio, dramatically increasing the enjoyment of gaming, movies, TV, and music.

Xbox One already supports Dolby Atmos Support, and when Microsoft enables WiSa tech into Xbox One, it’s going to be big. I can imagine Smart speakers like Echo, Harman Kardon could connect with Xbox, and let users interact.

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