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Xbox One Digital Game Gifting is now available to all

As expected, Microsft has enabled the game gifting option on Xbox One to everyone, and holidays are just around the corner. Perfect Timing.

It was one of the most requested features for Xbox One, which first became available to Xbox One Insiders.The new first broke out in July of this year and was confirmed by none other than Mike Ybarra on twitter. That said, Microsoft isn’t the first to implement this feature. It was already available on Play Station.

However, there are restrictions to this. Only main game titles are available as an option, and anything else like DLC, Season Pass, pre-orders, etc are not included in this. It’s going to be a bit annoying for those who want to spend less, and still, want to gift, but we are sure that Microsoft will enable this option as well.

Source : Twitter

Check out our detailed guide on how you can send a digital game using the gamertag or a Microsoft account associated with the Xbox One.

When you send a game as a gift, the receiver still receives a 25 digit code, which he or she will have to redeem it. While on Xbox this is much easier with a direct option available for them, if you try on the web, you will have to follow the redeem section. It’s good in a way. In case you don’t want to use that code, you can pass it to anybody who is willing to play or pay for it.


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