Interesting Details Explaining Xbox One DRM Shows up on Pastebin

While Xbox One and Microsoft is still being trashed for their DRM Policy even though the new achievement system and accessories look pretty good, an interesting post has appeared on Pastebin explaining why Microsoft chose this path and explains tons of new features.  It is marked as “microsoft engineer on xb1  on Jun 12th, 2013 “

Microsoft Engg on Xbox One DRM

The same post also says Microsoft has failed to explain it so and we cannot agree more than that.

Now before you start reading details, There is no conformation what so ever if this is even legit or even represent the idea of Microsoft. Take this as a discussion where you can take part in.

DRM — Win-Win for both Gamers and Publishers

We all know the primary reason of any DRM is to stop illegal use of a product. In case of games, publishers make less money when a game is shared. This is also the primary reason games are costly.

When DRM comes into play and there is money for publishers, they may agree to lower down the price and make money when that game is sold again. This can go on forever. Here is the direct quote:

The thing is, the DRM is really similar to steam. You can login anywhere and play your games, anyone in your house can play with the family Xbox. The only difference is steam you have to sign in before playing, and Xbox does it automatically at night for you (once per 24 hours)

If we say “Hey publishers, you limit game to 39.99, we ensure every license transfer you get 10$, Gamestop gets 20$” that is a decent model. Microsoft gets a license fee on first and subsequent game purchases, compared to just first now? That’s a revenue increase.

Moving to Digital Downloads:

The world is not ready for it and not are the big sellers like GameStop or even Amazon. Xbox One model is digital ready for  even discs. You need to install the game before playing it and then the game can be played with the disc being in. That’s the reason it comes with a default 500GB hard disk space

Now imagine how will you be sharing the games if its digital download? This can be done in the same way its done for the discs. You may transfer to a friend on your list and he can pay for the license cheaper and the game is removed from your console with permission.

There is also details on Cloud, Glass and why Xbox One will become center of everything right from taking calls to watching TV to playing games.

All that said, We will have to wait till Microsoft and Xbox Team show up more info on this and hopefully they will. Thanks @DMC_Ryan, Read more at PasteBin

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