Xbox One gets Creators Update to Insiders. Brings New Guide, Updated Home, Multitasking and More

Xbox One has a new update, and it’s the Creators Update that’s rolling out for it to handful of Xbox Insider Program members. Yup, you got it right, its the Windows 10 Creators Update for Xbox One which will align the features, and is bringing hundreds of improvements to Xbox One interface. In fact it does feel like a new interface at many places.

In the official blog post at MajorNelson, he mentions that this update is about Performance, people, competition and streaming. This means everything for gamers, specially with the updated home, and newly designed guide.

Updated Home for Xbox One

  • Optimized Speed
  • More importance to valuable content for your games.
  • Main title for currently playing game now has smaller icon,  with few options to dive deeper into the Game Hub, interact with your Club or LFG for that game, view your Achievements, and more.
  • The updated Home also celebrates the game you’re currently playing with hero art in the background when you’re not using a custom background. 

New Xbox One Guide

This is a major update to Xbox One to make the Guide actually useful for everybody. Now with press of the Xbox controller button you can bring this guide up, and get access to the guide features without worrying what you are doing. Imagine this as global feature.

It now features a new design  to get you to the content you care about most, including your games and apps, Home, Store, your recently played games and apps, and your top Pins. It also features quick access to your media controls when playing background music.

All new Multitasking

  • Quick access to music, screen shots and GameDVR will be one button press away.
  • You can bring up Guide and press “X” or “Y” on your controller to record your favorite gaming moments.
  • New achievement tracker which allows you to track your favorite achievements and play at the same time.
  • Instant Broadcasting via Beam

Cortana gaming enhancements:

Cortana now lets you set reminders which will come handy when you have a game session to play. More features will come in future updates.

Other Features:

  • Similar to how Windows 10 is updated, your Xbox One console will get updated independent of  which power mode they have chosen. 
  • More Accessibility features on Xbox One so everybody can use it.
  • Spatial Audio Output Settings for developers which will allow them to use Dolby Atmos for Home Theater, Dolby Atmos for Headphones, and Windows HRTF support to your streaming media application or game. This will soon open for Xbox One owners.
  • The Blu-ray disc player on Xbox One now supports a beta of bitstream passthrough, which allows your receiver to decode audio natively. All bitstream formats are supported, including newer ones like Dolby Atmos.


via MajorNelson

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