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How to use ScreenSaver on Xbox One

I am one of those persons who has started using Xbox One for many other things, including games. I use it for watching videos, streaming content from PC to Xbox One,  Browsing the internet, and use apps wherever there is an option. Have a huge TV does make a lot of difference.  It also means that I hate turning off my console even though it’s in energy-saving mode.  Keeping it turned on for the whole time isn’t an option either, especially from a TV perspective. In this post, I will show you can enable or use Xbox One ScreenSaver.

Back in 2017, Microsoft did experiment with the ScreenSaver feature for Xbox One. It became available in Xbox Insider Ring 1710. Fast forward today, things have changed, but you still have sort of ScreenSaver, which does a lot better job compared to displaying some random text at random place on the TV.

How to use or Enable Xbox One ScreenSaver

How to use ScreenSaver on Xbox One

  • Turn on the Xbox One, and then press the Xbox Guide button the controller.
  • Navigate to the extreme left to find settings — Press A to open it.
  • Go to Preferences > Idle options. Here you have two settings to configure.
    • Show things when idle
    • Dim Screen after two minutes.

  • Done this, next time you leave your Xbox One idle for the configured amount of time, it will start the screensaver.
  • There is no way to disable Xbox Screensaver or set the idle out the timing to never.

When you choose to show things when idle, it displays useful information. It includes recent achievements, looking for groups post, notification about messages, and so on. It presents an overlay on the current screen, so it acts like a super screensaver, which looks great.

You get to see the time, controller battery status, Kinect, and for any notification on the Xbox One Screensaver, you can press Y to open it directly. Unless you use the controller, the notifications will keep rotating.

Xbox Idle options are useful if you are not leaving the console to go for very long. If you need to leave it for long, I would recommend you to use the Energy Saving options. It will shut down your Xbox One, but will com,e back online in a max of 10 seconds. Go to System > Settings > General > Power mode & startup and set it to Energy Saving Mode.



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