Xbox One to get Mouse and Keyboard Support in Future

If a lot of you are getting surprised at this, you might not have followed how Windows 10 is being planned to go everywhere. Today, on a twitter conversation, Phil Spencer, hinted that Xbox One should get Mouse and Keyboard Support on Windows 10. Well, the keyboard worked well with Xbox 360, so it should be work with Xbox one as well, but yeah we still are much dependent on the controller for doing the navigation thing on Xbox One.

Xbox One Controller Update

So how will this help? Especially with Xbox One games streamed to Windows 10 PC already? Not really sure but may the PC users who are much used to Keyboard gaming might like it or may be they would want Xbox One compatibility for PC games just like Xbox 360 games. May be when Windows 10 gets rolled out for Xbox One. Now back to Mouse Support, this could be a thing of interest for PC gamers who want to use gaming mouse which works better for them than the controller.

So would you be interested to see Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox One? I think it will be really awesome if Xbox One opens up further ahead and supports, even more, ecosystem peripherals and bring in gamers from everywhere to the platform.

Microsoft also announced that Xbox revenue is up 27% in FY15 Q4, with 1.4 million consoles sold. Good news, but definitely a long way to go.
Source: Twitter | Via WindowsCentral , Thanks Phil

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