Xbox One X Price might increase post Customs Duty Hike

Xbox One launched last month a “Good Price” of Rs 44,990 but looks like it might increase by Rs 3500 if reports from Gadgets 360 are to believed. Thanks to the increase in Customs Duty, the next stock of Xbox One that gets imported will have the new price tag unless Microsoft is ready to absorb it.

Rishi @ Gadgets 360  have confirmed this from multiple retailers and distributors, and it will match the price of PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. There is an increase in customs duty from 10 to 20 percent which was announced during the Union Budget 2018.

Amazon India still hosts the old price, as expected, they are still selling at the initial stock during the announcement. Here is what Gadgets 360 reports:

This new price will impact all new stock of the Xbox One X imported into India with immediate effect. What this means is, older Xbox One X stock will still be available at its earlier price until new shipments hit the country. Game stores have been notified of the new price late last week and are waiting to sell out of their current stock at the Rs. 44,990 price before updating it to Rs. 48,490 Gadgets 360 has learned.

“We could list it at the new price now,” a buyer for an e-commerce platform tells us. “But we’re waiting till we sell out of this shipment before bringing it in at a new price.”


That said, we will have to wait for an official response from Microsoft if this is going to happen. We did have a meeting with Xbox India team, and they have huge plans when it comes to console gaming in India. Read more about it here.

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