Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Day One Edition Leaks Ahead of Official Announcement

Xbox One X is expected to launch on November 7, and just like the Xbox One Day Editon, Microsoft will offer Project Scorpio Edition as the Day One version of the console. This had been the codename for the upgraded version of Xbox One console and is printed with green on the console, controller, and even on the retail box.

The images were leaked by @evleaks a couple of hours earlier, and well I am surprised that it is getting so close to PS4 looks now. There I said it. Nevertheless, the design is much better than the previous generation, and I am sure most of the gamers who either waited for 4K or are ready to upgrade will opt-in for it.


Looking at the image, the front lower panel has a round button, and probably a touch button. It’s odd I did not find any Xbox Logo marked touch button which I have on my Xbox One to turn on the console.

That said, there is a drawback with this version. The storage is just 1 TB. This is like limiting the Xbox One console with 500GB data. 4K gaming will take at least 2-3 times space for games, and 1 TB might not just suffice. I will not be surprised if you think of waiting for next version which holds 2 TB storage.

That said,  investing into Xbox One X should be done with some thoughts. While the whole upgrade looks classy, it’s more about 4K gaming than anything else.  Read more about it here

If you’re in the United Kingdom, be sure to check out the Xbox One X at EGX 2017. EGX 2017, powered by Virgin Media, takes place on the September 21 to September 24 at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre. You can play the latest games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Super Lucky’s Tale on the console.

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