Xbox Team is working on a new Xbox ‘Career’ System

Microsoft is working on a “Carrer System” for Xbox One which will bring more rewards for gamers who spend the majority of their time in a single game. I have played Gears of War 4 most of the time, since the launch,  and this is something which can be useful for me.

This feature was teased by Xbox platform chief Mike Ybarra sometimes back, and I am now expecting this show up in the next major update of Xbox One which should fall in line with the next major update of Windows 10 as well.

Now, Windows Central reports that they have received some documentation on it which refers to a new subdomain “”. In this new system which changes achievements, and gamerscore fundamentally, new Career system will be able to obtain levels, and even prestige ranks, obtaining rewards such as loot crates which come with cosmetic items for the new Avatars system.

 It also seems that these systems will incorporate achievements in some way, rewarding experience points that contribute toward levels in your overarching career. The systems track your progress and play time in your existing game library, and it looks as though it will all work alongside existing Gamerscore systems rather than replace them.

That said, its good to see Microsoft is evolving the Xbox GamerScore to a new level, especially as the Xbox Console becomes more than just a console, and with cross-platform and so many things going on. Finally, even if you been playing just one game all the year around, you still have a strong career.

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