Xolo WIN Q900S Camera Review

Every time, I am given a job to test out a Camera it comes with a bunch of Mixed feelings, I feel excited thinking about what new feat the OEM has achieved with this new hardware also I feel bad due to inability to tweak settings manually (With an exception of few of course) ..

The later option might not be of most importance to most , but gone are those days when the people felt that the Auto Settings did justice to their shots , all over Social media they see bunch of Group Photos , Selfies , Food photography and In Camera HDRs of places / architecture and feel if their phone can do the same.

Mobile phone cameras are more powerful than ever, but this fact is not true for the low priced / mid ranged phones. When Xiaomi Stormed the market and brought its Flagship device to India and targeted the same to Mid Ranged price group , our expectations from other OEMs grew stronger.

I was amazed by the quality that Xiaomi’s MI3 Delivered when I took it for a test. And when OnePlus One and Xiaomi’s Mi4 hits India in few months such expectations will go stronger.

I always found the Software part of the Camera a bit lacking (Except 1020 / 1520 ), but does this hold true for the XOLO Win Q900s ? Lets find out :)

Xolo WIN Q900S Rear Camera Review

Venturing into Windows Phone sector , Q900S is the first WP Device by XOLO and bring much promised to lower mid ranged market. Also bring some promising technology Camera wise. XOLO is the first to feature PureCel Sensor in Indian Market , although I don’t know the exact part number to provide you an comparative result of improvements but the sensor promises to have around 30% of Improvement for Sensitivity.

Picture Quality :

The photos taken in Broad Daylight are pretty good , sharp , displays nice color (Just the perfect , not under nor over saturated ) , infact the sensor reminded me of an earlier review on 8X, if its the same then the Sensor improvements are superb. Photos displays that extra crispness in them.

Focus :

Auto Focus is a bit glitchy, it can take many tries to do proper selective focus specially for close ups or macros in daylight , the Low light focusing or the Focusing using flash is worse case. It will never properly focus on things when taken help of Flash light, selective focusing is again an issue, it does well for photos which requires overall focus / sharpness (Non Closeups / Macros like Group Photos, Landscapes etc.)

Low Light :

For some reason the EXIF of all images taken with the Camera shows a Constant Shutter speed of 1/20000 (Which is either a glitch or purely insane) , the Auto A.I Adds gain to the photo to compensate such insane shutter speed, resulting in Noisy Photos. The low lights can be summed up for being extra noisy in all cases (Except ones which used flash)

Oh also another thing regarding the Low Light A.I, we know how low lights in some Ambience can bring a bit of warmth in photos if the ambience is also warm, but here is the funny thing for scenarios with such low lights. Take a look at these two photos

Xolo Low Light TINT LEFT

.Xolo Low Light TINT Right

Both of them are taken in the Same Ambience, but the A.I thought the First had more of ‘White Fluorescent’ in them and the Buttom one has ‘Tungsten’ as light source. Apart from this bad guess, the photos are compensated to deal with these lights and ultimately produces a tint correction which is just wrong.

A.I Auto :

The Auto works fine for most photos but Low lights!

Almost all Low light ambient photos has a weird ‘Pink’ tint added to them instead of ‘Warm/Cool’ Temperature. I think the Software is purely at fault here. I Hope this is corrected in future updates.

Video Review:

Conclusion :


Considering as Lower Mid range device , the Camera is pretty ‘okish’ , if you are a daylight shooter , this is pretty much standard performer, but avoid at all cost if you love selfies or taking close-up or wish to take photo in an oddly lit environment.

Kuntal Gupta is a Web Developer / Designer turned Professional Photographer and an avid Technology enthusiast . Currently into Wedding and Fashion Photography he loves to learn about new technology in Photography world and likes to review things when he is not Clicking around . You can visit www.kuntalgupta.com if you wish to see his work



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