Xolo’s Windows Phone Stays Power Off While Charging

While XOLO did switch the search and back key and have its own style for the hardware buttons, here is one more Windows Phone users wanted from a long time:-

Windows Phone to stay power off when you put it on charging.

This is possible with XOLO WIN Q900S, the first Windows Phone from the company which I am currently reviewing and we unboxed last week. Here is an image showing the phone when charged. Interesting to see the XOLO logo to show up as soon as you plug the phone.

Xolo Windows Phone Charging Power Off Mode-1

If you have used a Windows Phone till now, it should have been a Nokia Lumia phone and this wasn’t possible till now. While it was blamed to the OS for this feature, it seems OEM can change something in OS or it’s the hardware thing that can keep it in power off mode.

Xolo Windows Phone Charging Power Off Mode

Personally, I am not a big fan of this feature as I will forget to turn it back on if I phone battery drained completely at night. I will miss my alarms any important calls. However, when I did my research in forums et al, lot of consumers do want this feature so they can charge the phone faster. The only alternate option for Lumia phones is to keep them in Airplane mode or turn on the quiet hours using Cortana.

So what do you think? Would you like to keep our powered off when charging or rather choose to keep volume and notifications down ? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. The ideal behaviour should be

    1. If the phone is manually turned off, connecting it to the charger should charge the phone while it is powered off
    2. If the phone shut down because of low battery, connecting it to the charger should turn it back on

  2. That’s why I love Nokia Symbian Belle on My C6-01. I think Microsoft needs to add more feature and refinement into Windows Phone OS. Anyway, I am eagerly waiting to switch to Windows Phone… I love it…

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