“Your System Is Low on Virtual Memory” Error Message When You Try To Start an Office Program

Are you getting a —Your System is low on virtual memory— error message when you try to start an Office program? Then this post will help you resolve the problem so you can use your PC and applications without a problem.

What are the Causes?

Is your PC freezing up suddenly? Is the Office app opening slowly? If you wonder about the potential cause of this annoying problem, the answer is simple. You are encountering a low virtual memory problem that is prevalent and easily fixable.

  • The setting of the paging file view is too low.
  • Lack of enough RAM
  • Buggy application on the computer leading to memory leak

Your System Is Low on Virtual Memory

“Your System Is Low on Virtual Memory” Error Message When You Try To Start an Office Program

Fortunately, there are various solutions one can adopt to counteract the Your System Is Low on Virtual Memory issue. Take a look at them listed here:

  1. Increasing the paging file size
  2. Add More RAM
  3. Identify buggy application

You will need admin permission to resolve the problem. Also, these fixes apply for any scenario where the virtual memory is getting low in general.

1] Increasing the Paging File Size

Set Virtual Memory Size or Page Size

  • Open Run Prompt using Win + R
  • Type SystemPropertiesAdvanced and press the Enter key to open System Properties
  • Click on the Settings button next to the Performance section
  • Switch to Advanced Tab and click on the Change button next to Virtual Memory
  • Uncheck the checkbox next to Automatic management
  • Select the System Drive or C drive where Windows is installed
  • Select the Custom Size radio button and set up a size that you think should be enough
  • Click on the Set button and restart your System

You may have to experiment with different sizes until the issue is resolved. While this works, it is also limited by the available storage space on your PC.

2] Increase RAM Size

Another way to handle the virtual memory error message is to increase the computer’s RAM. Doing so will get rid of the problem while improving the System’s speed considerably.

So if you have 16 GB RAM on your PC, you can increase it to 32 GB by adding another 16 GB module. Ensure they are of the same make for best compatibility. Since Virtual memory comes in handy when the primary RAM runs out of space, adding more RAM always helps.

3] Using Task Manager To Identify Buggy Application

Task manager memory usage apps

One of the primary reasons for low virtual memory is applications leaking memory. You can identify these applications by looking at the amount of memory they occupy.

  • Launch Task Manager using Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Switch to the Process tab
  • Locate the application, and check how much memory it is consuming.
  • If you notice it is always on the higher side, you should investigate.

To fix the problem, you must update the software. Alternatively, you can also try uninstalling and then installing the application again. However, if that fails, it is advisable to contact the software’s support team.

It is a trial and error method and may not apply to all applications, especially if they are intensive.


Despite being annoying, the Your System is low on virtual memory error message is common. However, the problem can be resolved with ease. Adding RAM and increasing the paging file view size in the computer will fix the issue. But, if that doesn’t help you out, you might consider opting for the assistance of a professional.

How Do I Free Up Virtual Memory?

The paging file should be expanded, the visual effects should be changed, and memory leaks should be fixed to free up virtual memory.

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