SuperTube The New Must Have YouTube App For Windows Phone

Last month, MetroTube developer announced that the app will be removed from the Windows Marketplace beginning from January 1st due to the lack of APIs from Google. Considering that MetroTube is the only decent YouTube client available for Windows Phone, this was quite a big issue.

Now, another YouTube client for Windows Phone is available for users to try – SuperTube – and it aims to fill in the shoes of MetroTube. The app is developed by the makers of SuperTube, but is a new app. Unlike SuperTube, YouTube Pro has a metroish UI,the ability to playback videos in HQ/HD resolution, download videos, support for Live Tiles, play video while phone is locked,  supports full YouTube account integration,  inbox push notification, Download takes place in background and much more. No wonder some users are calling it the “Ultimate YouTube app” for Windows Phone.

We will be getting you a full review of the app in coming days when we test it around for few days but since SuperTube is already available in the Windows Phone Marketplace for free (with ads) or for $0.99, feel free to grab copy for your self  and enjoy the tube.|  (Source)

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  1. Is this free? The whole thing? will it use my credit limit stuff… I’m 15 and I like to go on YouTube it would be nice if it didn’t bother with the billing and credit limit (im on rogers)


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