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YouTubNow Review: Is it really the best online YouTube downloader?

 YouTube is arguably one of the biggest video streaming platforms there is. Be it music, short films or reviews, the platform has something to offer in every category imaginable. However, not being able to download our favorite videos is something that everybody holds against the free version of YouTube.

So, the most obvious step next would be to rely on online converter and downloader. There are a plethora of options available in this category. Some of them charge you a certain amount for downloading your video, others run the risk of downloading viruses on your system.

This is where YouTubNow steps in. If you are looking for the best YouTube downloader and haven’t heard of YouTubNow, here’s a review of the internet’s current obsession when it comes to online video downloader.

About YouTubNow:

YouTubNow is a powerful tool that allows you to download any video and convert it into MP3 format for free. It is as easy as pasting the link to your favorite video and clicking the download button.   

How does it work?

Youtube Downloader

Using YouTubNow is as easy as one two three. Downloading your favorite video doesn’t get easier than this.

Step.1. Open YouTubNow

Step.2. Paste the YouTube URL inside the search box

Step.3. Select the resolution in which you want your video

Step.4. Press the download button. Your video will be saved in your system in no time.

Top Features:

The website boasts of some amazing features that make it stand out from the crowd. Let us analyze each of them in detail.

  • Unlimited downloads

Yes, you read that right. YouTubNow allows for unlimited downloads of both YouTube videos and MP3 conversions to your system without charging a penny. Another bonus is a pop-up ad-free experience given that anywhere you click on the internet these days you end up somewhere else.

  • Supports multiple formats

One can choose from a variety of format options for both video and audio on the YouTubNow tool. You can download your favorite YouTube videos in MP4 and 3GP formats in a wide range of resolutions from 144p to 1080p.

  • YouTube to MP3 and MP4 converter

You can now download and convert your favorite video in MP3 and MP4 formats that are saved directly to your system. This makes the tiresome process of converting a video easy and fast.

  • Video search by name

What if you don’t have a link to the YouTube video, you ask?  No worries, the tool has got that covered. You can enter the name of the video however you remember or a keyword and YouTubNow find you the video.

  • Faster download by changing YouTube URL

Another important feature is the one where altering the URL from youtube.com/your_video_link to youtubnow.com/your_video_link starts a faster download immediately. Fast just got faster in one click!

  • No age restriction

The platform does not place an age restriction on its usage hence one does not have to spend any time and energy in the registering or creating an account. It does not ask for any email-id or any other personal data making it 100% safe.  

  • Cross-browser platform

Saving the best for the last! YouTubNow allows cross-browser support which means it can be accessed from different platforms without any hassle. It could be your PC or your phone; you can download and convert your favorite YouTube videos anytime, anywhere.


YouTubNow is an easy, fast and convenient way to download and convert your favorite YouTube videos in your desired resolution within no time. The fact that it comes with so many amazing features without any cost, age or downloads limit restrictions makes it an absolute winner.   

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