ZBand is a Silent Vibrating Wristband Alarm

Most of us use alarms on a daily basis to wake you up in the morning. But there might be many instances where you wanted to wake up early but without disturbing other people who are sleeping the same room. If you use the phone alarm or other watch alarms, the sound it produces causes disturbance to other people. Here is a new solution to this problem- ZBand, which is a wristband silent alarm so that only you wake up when the alarm is ringing.

The idea behind ZBand is very simple and the silent alarm wristband vibrates to give you a gentle awakening without disturbing those near you. You can set your alarm using your Android or Windows Phone or even Windows desktop. The alarms are saved by connecting the device using Bluetooth.

ZBand alarm

The design of the alarm is similar to your watch and you can simply tie it to your wrist similar to how you use the watch. The control unit of the device can be removed from the strap and it can be charged using any standard micro USB cable. To connect the device and set the alarm, you need to have the app installed either on Windows or on Android or Windows Phone. Switch on the Bluetooth on your phone and open the app to connect. Press the ZBand and a green light blinks and it connects to the phone. The default password for connection can be 1234 or 0000.


Once connected, you can set the alarms from the phone. You can set up to 6 alarms on Zband and the settings are saved on to ZBand. You can set the vibration level as well as the snooze time. You can also configure the alarm for particular days of the week.


We tested the device using Windows, Windows Phone as well as Android. All the three cases, it worked perfectly. Holding down the Z button for 3 seconds turns off the alarm. Once the alarms are set on the ZBand it does not need to be connected to the Android or Windows device.


The ZBand is ideal for:

  • Couples getting up at different times
  • Parents with young children sleeping in the vicinity
  • Hard of hearing and deaf people
  • People sharing dorms, in hostels for example
  • Alerts for meetings or appointments
  • Reminders to take medication, etc
  • An ideal gift for any early riser

On a 30 minute charge, the ZBand will last for 10 days with regular use. Zband is simple product with a brilliant idea which is executed very well. The device is priced at €39.99 and totally worth the money if you use alarms very frequently.

More information on the device can be found here.

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