Best Apps to Find Wallpaper for Windows 11/10 PC

Not every day, we want to look at the same wallpaper on our computer. Instead, we want to change it from time to time to bring some freshness. But changing wallpapers from time to time can be a pretty boring task. Instead, you can use the wallpapers app on Windows to change your desktop wallpaper automatically. To help you with this, I have mentioned some of the best apps to find wallpaper for Windows 11/10 PC.

Best Apps to Find Wallpaper for Windows 11 10 PC

Best Apps to Find Wallpaper for Windows 11/10 PC

Many excellent apps and websites help you with fresh wallpapers every day. Some apps automatically change the wallpaper for you, while some bring you a wide range of wallpapers supporting different resolutions.

Some of the popular wallpaper apps for Windows are:

  • DailyPic – Wallpaper from Bing
  • backiee – Wallpaper Studio 10
  • Bing Wallpaper Download
  • Lively Wallpapers

Wallpapers & Themes are part of Windows Customization.


Best Apps to Find Wallpaper for Windows 11/10 PC

The wallpaper hub app is one of the popular websites for downloading wallpapers for your desktop. The desktop has a vast collection of wallpapers saturated in different categories. Plus, you get to download wallpapers in various screen sizes and resolutions. Also, the website is free to use. But it doesn’t offer you an app that changes your desktop wallpaper frequently.


  • All the wallpapers are available in different sizes and resolutions.
  • It offers you high-quality wallpapers only.
  • The website gets frequently updated to offer you a comprehensive collection of trendy and cool wallpapers.
  • The hub has an easy-to-use user interface.
  • It offers you wallpapers in a wide range of categories.
  • You can download wallpapers by resolution.


  • It offers a comprehensive collection of cool wallpapers
  • High-quality wallpapers.
  • Download wallpapers by resolution.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Free to use.


  • The website has ads.
  • There is no app to change your desktop wallpaper automatically.
  • Wallpapers are only available for Windows computers.

2] DailyPic – Wallpaper from Bing

If you like the Bing picture of day wallpaper, DailyPic helps you download the image in Full HD resolution and set it as your desktop wallpaper or lock screen. Along with that, it supports a wide range of resolutions. Plus, the app is free to use.


  • You can view and download today and past bing wallpapers.
  • Supports a wide range of download resolutions
  • You can choose from different regions for different pictures.
  • It offers you additional information and links.
  •  It downloads bing wallpapers automatically for you.


  • Download wallpapers in landscape & portrait orientation.
  • Wallpapers are available in different resolutions.
  • Lots of customization options.
  • It shows exciting information about each wallpaper
  • Free to download.


  • It doesn’t change your wallpaper automatically.
  • Limited wallpapers only
  • Wallpapers are only available for Windows.

Download DailyPick

3] backiee – Wallpaper Studio 10

Best Apps to Find Wallpaper for Windows 11/10 PC

Backiee is one of the best wallpapers app available out there. With this one, you can download 4K, 5K, or even 8K wallpapers free of cost. Plus, most importantly, it supports automatic wallpaper switching. So you don’t have to change your wallpaper every other day. Also, it supports additional widgets like weather widgets and wallpapers reflecting the current weather.


  • It offers you a comprehensive collection of 4k, 5k, and 8K wallpapers free of cost.
  • View wallpapers by popularity, category, editorial selections, resolutions, countries, or publishers
  • It allows you to change your background automatically. Plus, you can choose how often the pictures change.
  • You can add widgets to your desktop wallpaper.
  • Your collections automatically sync across your Android, iPhone, Windows, or Xbox devices.


  • Change your background automatically.
  • Thousands of free 4K, 5K, or 8K backgrounds.
  • Choose how often the pictures change.
  • Choose from the last 14 days’ Bing wallpapers.
  • Your wallpaper gets synced across all your devices.


  • It comes with ads.
  • Requires premium subscription for most features
  • No interactive wallpapers with the free plan

Download backiee

4] Bing Wallpaper Download

Bing Wallpaper comes with a wide collection of beautiful images featured on the Bing homepage. The app allows you to see a new image on your desktop each day. Or you can browse through the library to save your favorite pictures and use them as your desktop wallpaper.


  • It automatically uses Bing’s picture as your desktop wallpaper.
  • It comes with a simple user interface.
  • You can switch to previous day images.


  • Extremely straightforward to use.
  • It changes your wallpaper automatically.


  • Lacks most features.
  • No option to browse through images.

Bing Wallpaper Download

5] Lively Wallpapers

Next, there are the Lively Wallpapers. This one provides you with the latest HD wallpapers. Plus, you get access to thousands of high-quality wallpapers for your computer. Plus, it offers you a vast collection of categories. So you can easily browse and download your favorite wallpapers.


  • It offers you high-quality wallpapers
  • It gives you access to thousands of wallpapers
  • You can browse through different categories to find the perfect wallpaper.
  • It lets you change your lock screen wallpaper with just a click.


  • It offers you high-quality images
  • Simple user interface.
  • Free to use.


  • No support for Bing wallpapers.
  • Doesn’t change your desktop wallpaper automatically.

Download Lively Wallpaper

How do we get live wallpapers for Windows?

By default, Windows does not support live wallpapers. So to get live wallpapers for Windows, you can install the Desktop Live Wallpapers app from Microsoft Store. This one brings Animated wallpapers to your desktop. Or you can use your video files to set them as your wallpaper. Plus, the app has lots of other cool features, and it is free to download.

How do I put multiple pictures on a desktop background in Windows?

In Windows, you can set multiple pictures as your wallpaper using the slideshow feature. For this, you have to go to Windows Settings > Personalization > Background.

Now from the Personalize your background dropdown menu, select Slideshow. Then select your image folder, and below that, set a duration to shuffle desktop wallpaper like after 15 mins or an hour.

Can I set an SVG as my wallpaper for Windows?

Windows don’t allow you to set SVG files as your wallpaper as Windows doesn’t support live wallpaper by default. But yes, if you want to use a live wallpaper, there are a handful number of apps available for the job.

So those were some of the best apps to find wallpaper for Windows 11/10 PC. Now go ahead and look at all of these apps and see which one you like the most. Also, for any questions, do drop a comment below.

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