How to Check Your Fortnite Stats

If you have been looking for ways to up your game in Fortnite, then the best way to do so is with the use of a Fortnite Tracker. This is an effective way of making sure that you are improving your game, and there are a number of different ways in which you can use them. Some sites work better than others and offer different services to cater to your needs. With that in mind, here is a quick look at what you can expect from a Fortnite tracker, and which one is best for you to keep on top of your stats.

What are Your Fortnite Stats?

On the surface, you seem to be quite limited to what you can look into. Besides seeing how any games you have played, and how many victory royale’s you have earned, there isn’t really a lot you can check out. However, many players will be craving to know what their damage is done is, what their kill/death ratio is, and what game mode that they perform the best in.

Fortnite Stats in-game

If you want to avoid using external websites, then you can go to the Career tab in Fortnite. Here you can see how many wins you have earned, as well as how many eliminations you have racked up. There is also a stat for matches played, and how many top 10 and top 25 finishes that you have claimed. This is a fair amount of statistics for a lot of players, but there are others who understandably crave more. If you are looking for a bit more, then read on.

External Websites

Check Fortnite Stats

If you would like to learn more about your game, then there are a few options for you to choose from. For example, DreamTeam is a site that is a basic tracker in a straightforward format. What’s more, it allows you to view between different platforms easily, including, PC, consoles, and mobile versions. So regardless of what system you play on, you can see what your stats are.

Fortnite Stats meanwhile is more basic, but you can check out a leaderboard to compare yourself with other players. Then there’s Fortnite Scout, which gives you an idea of your performance using graphs that will tell you your kill/death ratio, as well as what your average win rate is over the course of the previous few months. It hasn’t got so much depth that it can get confusing, so in that sense, it’s a great tool to use.

Arguably the best option for you to use is Fortnite Tracker. This ill give you an in-depth look at what your Fortnite statistics are but even has its own rating system. This gives you the opportunity to explore how well you are performing more efficiently, so if having a progression system appeal to you then this is a great way to go. Combine that with the other statistics that you are looking for, you could easily argue that this is the best alternative that is available to you if you don’t want the basic offerings of the in-game stats.

Ultimately, it depends on what you are looking for individually. You may be a player who prefers to seek what the Fortnite item shop has to offer rather than worrying about your Fortnite stats. If you do want to dig deeper, however, then I would recommend that you look at the suggestions above. Each site offers a slightly different experience, so there Is bound to be one that will suit your needs best. So, whether you want to be a part of a unique ranking system, or want to see how many kills you are racking up, there is something for everyone to check their Fortnite stats.

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