How to Prolong Life of the Battery of Your Laptop

People use their laptops daily. They take it outside and use it not only for easy but also for hard tasks, for example, use the 22Bet App or create their programs. In these cases, you should take care of the battery, and these tips will help.

How to Prolong Life of the Battery of Your Laptop

There are two ways to extend the battery life. One is by proper charging, and the second is to make sure the thermal exposures are not extreme.

How to Prolong Life of the Battery of Your Laptop

Proper Charging

The main thing to know is that the battery has to work. If you only use your laptop at home, plugged in, the battery will quickly degrade. It is recommended to remove the battery from the laptop when working from the mains. This should be done before you turn on the device. Instead of a battery, it is possible (and even necessary) to connect an uninterruptible power supply. It ensures the safe shutdown of the laptop in case of loss of electricity.

If it is possible to connect the laptop to the network, do it. But do not forget to switch to battery operation regularly: at least once every 4-5 days to fully discharge and charge the battery, that is, do one cycle.

This is especially important for Apple batteries. They do not like long downtime, so use them more often: 3-5 times a week. After all, it’s a laptop. You don’t have to keep it tethered all the time. Apple also recommends calibrating the battery at least once a month: draining the battery and charging it to 100%. Through calibration, the battery remembers its capacity, so it does not decrease as quickly.

It would help if you did not frequently discharge your laptop to zero. Make sure that the level of charge does not fall below 20%. It’s easy: once this value is reached, the devices activate the power-saving mode.

If you know you won’t be using the battery in the next few days, discharge it to 10% and remove it from the laptop. If the battery needs to be kept inactive for a long time (a month or longer), charge it to 50%. This is used by device manufacturers: smartphones, tablets, laptops are always half-charged. It is recommended to store the battery at room temperature.

Do not buy a battery for the future. The first battery fails. Only then go for a new one to the official manufacturer.

Temperature Exposure

High and low temperatures are the battery’s terrible enemies. Help your battery get through them:

  • Please don’t place your laptop on a soft surface so it doesn’t block the side gaps for heat dissipation and leaves free space underneath. A desk is the best place to work.
  • Do not keep your laptop in direct sunlight.
  • In winter, try to minimize exposure to low temperatures, even if you carry your laptop in a bag.

The battery does not like the cold. It loses capacity very quickly. During cold weather, 15 minutes is enough for the battery to cool down to ambient temperature. So, if you constantly take your laptop out in the cold, do not be surprised that after a while, it will stop turning on or will spontaneously shut down.

Read more on our guide on how to improve battery life in Windows 10 laptops. The tips include enabling power saver mode, adding Power profiles, turning off background applications, and more.

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