How to Make a YouTube Video That Looks Professional

Are you trying to figure out how to make a youtube video that looks professional? Read this article to learn more about making youtube videos.

If you want to break into YouTube, there’s no surefire guide to making it big. All the famous YouTubers have different stories about how they climbed the ladder of success. That said, the one constant is that neglecting your video quality will sink your career before it’s even begun.

To stand out from every 14-year old with a smartphone, you need to have some actual production quality with your video. But what steps can you take to ensure your YouTube video looks professional?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to give you all the tips on how to make a YouTube video that looks top-tier! But enough talking, let’s get into this thing!

Make YouTube Video Professional

You’re a Filmmaker Now: Act Like It

Now that you’re a filmmaker (yes, Youtube videos count), you need to account for all the factors that make Youtube videos work. For example, make sure your videos are lit well, so the picture isn’t a murky mess. Three-point lighting¬†(shining three different lights at various angles to eliminate unnatural shadows while illuminating the scene)¬†will cover most of your basic needs.

Lighting a video without showing the “strings” is also critical, as you’re trying not to clue a viewer into the fact that the lighting is manipulated. Otherwise, your video looks cheap and lazy.

Sound quality is also vital. Invest in a solid microphone to record your audio and rely on camera-caught audio as little as possible. Microphones help to filter out background noise and lead to a crisper sound than base camera audio.

Basic visual storytelling rules will also prove useful. Try to keep whatever you want the audience’s main focus to be in the center of the frame, for example. Another rule to follow is the 180-degree rule.

This rule states that once you establish something being on the left and something being on the right, you cannot cross this new line with the camera unless you establish that the two things have switched sides. Breaking this rule is one of the quickest ways to confuse your viewers as to what you’re trying to convey.

Need to Know How to Make a YouTube Video? Rehearse and Plan

No one likes practicing, but making your YouTube videos in a spur of the moment mindset will lead to the video looking sloppy. Plan what you’re going to say, and have a general script in mind for how the video’s going to happen.

Try to organize your shots as much as possible too. Capturing shots from multiple angles, as well as using a tripod over the handheld manner of filmmaking, will increase the production value of your video tenfold.

Edit With a Little Flair

When editing your finished video, adding a little extra visual pizazz never goes wrong. Whether you decide to add text animation or use some clever audio effects, you can enhance the humor or emotion of your video so much with a well-placed effect.

Now Go out There and Film

Congratulations! Now that you know how to make a YouTube video that looks professional get out there and make the best video you can! If you want to know some more information about how to help curate your computer for YouTube, check out some of the other posts on our blog!

So get out there and make your mark in the online world!

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